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Naked Men For Women

Are you fed up of clicking on sites that promise naked men only to find yourself at a gay site? Well we have the answer for you … we have searched the web for naked men and found great sites that really offer STRAIGHT naked men. So make yourself comfortable, grab your vibrator and get ready to enjoy real straight men getting naked! Don’t forget to bookmark us.

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• 20-Apr-2009 - Daggering Causes Threefold Increase In Penile Fracture.

Posted in Hard Cocks
Not many people know this, but yes you can fracture a penis!
Well technically it isn't a fracture it is the rupture of the lining of the cylinder (corpus cavernosum) in the penis that becomes engorged with blood during an erection.
A new sex craze called "Daggering" is causing a huge rise in guys needing hospital treatment for fractured penises in Jamaica.
Doctors in Jamaica say that cases have trebled in the last year.
"Daggering" for those of you not familiar with the craze, I wasn't, is dirty dancing for new millennium.
Some call it “dry sex” on the dance floor of a dance or party, but daggering is where a man and woman are dancing in a sexually provocative manner, which usually includes them simulating various sexual positions, and often times, rough sex, to the beat of whatever music is playing at the time.
Vigorous sex of any kind can result in penile fracture which is characterised by a loud popping sound, excruciating pain and swelling.
It is a serious injury which requires immediate hospital attention as it can result in permanent damage.

there is nothing wrong with Pauls penis as you can check for yourself ... click now!

"Temptation" in the Garden of Adam, an erotic tale featuring Paul.
The first part of a very erotic and tempting series.
Click here now to see the rest of the photo's in the set and stay tuned to enjoy part 2 available only in the members area.
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• 17-Apr-2009 - Hair or No Hair

Posted in Men of Fantasy
Hot on the heels of the real man versus the girlie man debate comes another debate: hairy or smooth.
Do we girls prefer our real man "au naturel" or do we want to him suffer the pain of the waxing studio like we do?
Personally I quite like a little hair on my man, but then it appeals to my cruel streak as I enjoy teasing him by pulling on the hairs.
I don't want my man to be so hairy that he looks as though he ought to be in the zoo or swinging free in the trees down south in the African rainforest but a little hair is sexy to me.

natural sexy Hugh Jackman

Of course smooth can be sexy, I am not saying that they can't!

Smooth is sexy too!

Shemar Moore the smooth talking profiler from Criminal Minds is so sexy he ought to have public warning attached to him.
Hell he is so sexy I get all over excited just looking at the guy, never mind watching him on TV.
There again some guys can't make up their minds if they are smooth or hairy and swap between the two, doing both just as sexily I might add.

Sexy whether he is smooth or hair!

The great thing about being a woman though is that we don't really have to choose.
We can enjoy men, all men just as we please, when we please and we can change our mind as and when it pleases us!
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• 14-Apr-2009 - Carlos

Beautiful Brazilian hottie Carlos ticks all our boxes for hunk eligibility. Cute smile? Yes! Sexy body? Yes! Tattoos? We like! Big umm …assets? Oh yes!!

Check out Carlo’s assets at . Thousands of pics of hot hot guys!


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• 13-Apr-2009 - Real Men Are Back

Posted in Men of Fantasy
Shout "yeah" for the recession!
For it seems that with the recession comes the rebirth of the real man.
Farewell to the cutie stickmen who look like a good gust wind will blow them off their pretty little feet.
Goodbye to the men who look more feminine than most girls.

Russian model Stas Svetlichnyy ... 6ft tall and 10 stone WHAT!

To my mind there was always something not quite right about a guy who would spend more time in the bathroom than me.
Hollywood has a history of giving us hunky male stars when the economic going gets tough.
In the 30's Great Depression we had Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy ... both who knew how to throw a punch and treat a lady mean, in the right way of course.
The next recession in the 70's we had Robert De Niro, Gene Hackman and Jack Nicolson  ... I go weak just thinking about such men.
The 70's also gave us Burt Reynolds who was just neat bottled testosterone, even if he did make crappy movies.
Now thankfully we have some real men in Hollywood ... the days of  the chinless wonder, girlie men like Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Leonardo DiCaprio are numbered mark my words.
The beefcake is back!
Both on the big screen with hunks like Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen and Daniel Craig and the small screen with Mad Men's Jon Hamm.
Also in fashion and advertising with the rise of such male models as David Gandi

Now this a man!

Just look at that body and tell me that isn't sexy!
The man is just pure sex.

click here now to enjoy more of this sexy real man

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Mmmmm! Nice six pack, gorgeous lips, delectable big biceps, and a simply perfect-looking thick cock!
The centerfolds at For The Girls always make for great eye candy!
Click here for a sneak preview of their hottest hunks!
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• 7-Apr-2009 - Tattooed Hottie

Manuell is your typical ‘manly man’ type. Hard sculpted body, tatts and just a nice amount of body hair, lovely Manuell has all the right bits in all the right places.

See the full set of Manuell’s pics . The hottest guys on the planet!


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• 31-Mar-2009 - Slim And Sexy

For The Girls loves naked men. All sorts of men, be they tall, short, muscled, young, old thin or… thick. Heh heh heh. And yes, we do like to make a lot of penis jokes in the bargain. Anyway, the main thing is that they’re sexy and they’re naked. Take Brandon here. He’s not your typical beefcake model, but he’s simply oozing with sexiness - that kind of indescribable smoulder that makes you all gooey inside. AND he’s got a big cock.


You’ll find all of Brandon’s sexy photos at .


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• 24-Mar-2009 - Euro Hunk

Euro hottie Petr gets nude in man’s domain - the workshop. Surrounded by tools and other typical boy toys, the only thing Petr is interested in playing with is his own big cock.

See more pics of Petr and his big cock at Hot guys masturbating!


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